OKANOGAN, Wash.—The U.S. Navy sent a letter of apology to the superintendent of the Okanogan School District following the obscene drawings in the sky in November.

The letter from U.S. Navy Vice Admiral T.M. Shoemaker said the navy did not condone the behavior of the pilot.

“The U.S. Navy owes you, your parents, and your students an apology for the unacceptable, obscene contrails that were created by one of my aircraft on November 16,” said the letter.

Vice Admiral Shoemaker said it was his personal responsibility to hold the aircrew fully accountable for their actions and to the high standards of the entire Naval Aviation.

“I impressed upon them that this immature act was counter to our culture which values treating everyone with dignity and respect,” said Vice Admiral Shoemaker.

Shoemaker said this was not who the navy was and that the behavior was uncharacteristic.

The full letter to Superintendent Dr. Richard A. Johnson can be found here.