UPDATE: This specific Tom's Tailgate has been rescheduled to happen at Freeman High School as the community comes together after a fatal school shooting earlier this week.

School officials from both Clarkston and Lewiston said they understood and both schools will get $222 in scholarship money from KREM.

For more information about the special Tom's Tailgate at Freeman High School, click here.

Update: Friday night this week, KREM 2 hopes to hold Tom's Tailgate from the Clarkston at Lewiston game!

That matchup beat out the other option, Moses Late at Coeur d'Alene by almost 400 votes.

If Tom's Tailgate is postponed for other news events, the winning school will still win some scholarship money!

Original story:

Each week, KREM 2 News selects two local football games. Students, parents and football fans are asked to vote for which football game Chief Meteorologist Tom Sherry visits on the following Friday!

This week, we are voting between two great match-ups:

Moses Lake at Coeur d’Alene

Clarkston at Lewiston

KREM 2 will announce the winning football game each Wednesday at 11:00 p.m.

Mobile users, click here to vote.