SPOKANE, Wash. -- Another day of above-average temperatures spread across the Inland Northwest on Wednesday. The afternoon high in Spokane hit 51 degrees at Felts Field, and Thursday looks to be another warm day as well.

So why is this warm trend happening? Well for starters, consistent high pressure has hung around since early January. High pressure is associated with clearer skies and warmer temps, while low pressure usually brings more stormy weather.

Since early January every day has seen at or above normal temperatures. Plus, less than half an inch of rain or snow so far in February. The average recorded temperature this winter has been 31.2 degrees - not even close to the coldest winter in 1979 at 14.6 degrees.

But we will see a short cool down going into this upcoming weekend when afternoon highs sink to the mid-30s, and overnight may get down to lower 20s and in some areas, the teens. Next week we will rebound to warmer and clearer skies.