SPOKANE, Wash. — The City of Spokane has completed a full-city plow launched on Friday, spokesperson Marlene Feist said on Monday.

All residential streets have been plowed but crews are redoing the arterials after new snow fell on Monday, Feist said. This may be why people see "working" or "next up" lines on the city's live-updating map.

“We feel like generally speaking that we were able to at least go through and get that plow done in an efficient way.”

There have been a few mixed reviews on whether the city was able to reach and effectively plow all of the residential areas.

For people like Bambie Fogelman, the plows that came down her street weren’t the most effective option. Buildup from the trucks blocked her car this morning and gave her a tough time as she was trying to get out.

“I have appointments to go to and I’m going to be late you know trying to get everything out,” she said.

Just down the street, conditions were the opposite for Fred Margiotta. He says it’s rare for plows to come down his block so he’s impressed with their efforts. As a disabled vet, the snow can hinder his progress while he tries to move around but crews were able to improve conditions for him on Sunday.

“They’ve really done their work and I really want to thank the city for what they’ve done,” said Margiotta.

According to Spokane police, there were 146 total collisions on Friday but no serious injuries were reported. The city says the heaviest part of snow came during the evening commute home and more cars on the road made it more difficult for plows to get through.

Plows were out again this morning to clear main roads after overnight snow. Schools and hospitals were made a priority.

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