SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane has hit a record more than a century old.

Thursday, Spokane hit 90 degrees, matching a 1894 record streak for 90 degrees or more for 14 days in a row.

The National Weather Service Spokane office said the average annual days 90 degrees or above in Spokane is 19 during the summer. Typically, the area doesn't get above 90 degrees outside of the summer season.

Last year, Spokane had 24 days total 90 degrees or more. This year, it has been 26 days. The NWS said mild pressure is coming up from the southwest. Along with high pressure, this is causing the heat.

Other towns have been seeing hot days, too. Lewiston, Idaho usually has 40 days during summer at 90 degrees or more. This year it had 44. Right now its on day 19 of 90 degrees or more. That is nearly half of its record for consecutive days, 36.

Wenatchee, Wash. normally has 27 days of 90 degrees or more during summer. This year there has been 38. Its streak of consecutive days 90 degrees or above is 16. Its record number of days, 31, goes back to 1971.

The average amount of days at 90 degrees or more for Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is 22. This year it has fallen short of that number at 19. It is on a streak of 10 consecutive days right now, with a record of 21 in 1958.

The NWS officials said there's no "rhyme or reason" why Spokane's weather streak is similar to the one in 1894. They said weather patterns vary.

NWS officials said Spokane could see 90 degrees or above until Saturday and the temperatures should go into the 80s on Sunday.