SPOKANE, Wash. - An article from Powder Magazine published online on Tuesday names Spokane as one of the "next American ski towns."

The article cites rising home prices in traditional ski areas - like Bozeman, Telluride and Jackson Hole - and points to a trend of younger people priced out of town and into more urban centers a little farther from the lifts but with affordable housing.

"These places aren't as idyllic a a traditional ski town," the article introduction reads. "No, they're a little rougher around the edges and their schools probably aren't as good. But damn if they aren't exciting."

The Spokane portion of the article was written by John Stifter, who indicates he and his wife moved back to his hometown after a year of touring North America in their van.

Stifter notes there are five ski areas within 70 miles of downtown and average for season passes at $421.

"The snowpack is neither maritime nor Intercontinental West, averaging about 300 annual inches with elevations hovering around 5,000 to 6,000 feet," Stifter said.

He goes on to argue Spokane is a "place where you can still have an impact as opposed to more saturated cities like Portland and Seattle."

Wenatchee, Boise, and Kalispell also made the list on Powder.

To read the full article, click here to visit Powder.com.

Earlier this season, the Inland Northwest saw early snow and early resort openings for much of the area. In fact, Lookout Pass reported a 40 percent increase in season pass sales, while Mount Spokane and Schweitzer said their sales were up 24 percent and 9 percent respectively.