SPOKANE, Wash. — A young boy has minor injuries after a tree fell through the roof above where he was sitting.

Heavy wind gusts Saturday morning are responsible for drifting snow across much of the area and damage to the Riddle family's Spokane home.

Jude Andrews said he was at his grandmother’s house playing video games when the tree tore through the ceiling and partially landed on top of him.

“I had to get all the boards off of my legs and my body, and I just jumped out of there,” Andrews said.

Tina Riddle, Jude’s grandmother, said she rushed to help her grandson when she heard the noise.

“It was super loud, like a train was going through the house,” she said. “The ceiling went crashing in, and the tree came into the family room.”

She said she found her grandson climbing from under the debris with only three scratches on his face.

“I don’t know how I survived this, but I just said, ‘I need to out of here as quickly as I can,’” Andrews said.

Riddle said she and her family are staying at a hotel while their home is being repaired.