SPOKANE, Wash. — I joked in a Facebook post Monday that Spokane is feeling a bit more like Seattle so far this April.

Lo and behold, after heavier rain Tuesday which has amounted to about half an inch so far, that pushes the 7-day rainfall totals to 1.13 inches. Meanwhile, Pullman continues to pace our area cities with now 2.22 inches of rain since April 3. 

These are both records for this particular 7-day stretch.

April Showers Record
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Compare this to how much rain Seattle has gotten in the same 7-day stretch: Just 1.19 inches. Basically, we really are experiencing some classic Puget Sound weather.

The mountain snow melt season hasn't yet started but the rain is now causing some rivers and creeks to sharply rise. In Stites, Idaho, flooding from the South Fork Clearwater River prompted at least one person to be rescued. Highway 162 remains closed do to a mudslide.

Flood Alerts
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Flood Warnings were issued for Paradise Creek in Moscow and the Palouse River near Potlatch are expected to reach flood stage Wednesday and Thursday. 

While flooding of this nature is fairly typical during the Spring, those who live or work near the rivers should be aware of where the water levels are and should take action to protect themselves and valuable items should flood waters rise.

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