MINNEAPOLIS — Hennepin County Judge Kevin Burke is coming to the rescue of Minnesotans far and wide.

The judge granted a temporary restraining order against "Minnesota Meteorologists, Old Man Winter, and Mr. Snow" on Thursday.

"Minnesotans are hardy people," Burke wrote in his order. "They enjoy their winters and have a good relationship with the Defendants. But their [sic] comes a point when the trust between the parties is ruptured."

Burke acknowledged that the order "tests the limits of judicial authority," but insisted that "it is not a reflexive or petulant act by a frustrated judge."

He pointed out that there is no jury that would find in favor of the Defendants - unless the case was moved to Arizona or Florida.

"This Order is issued because there is compelling evidence in the record that Minnesota Meteorologists have conspired with the other Defendants to increase television and radio ratings," Burke wrote. "Who, for example, would watch the weather in Hawaii where it is always nice?"

The request was filed on behalf of Minnesotans by the firm Sue, Grabit, and Run, according to court documents.

Read the full order here.