SPOKANE, Wash — As we head toward the Lilac Festival and Parade this weekend, we see a sharp contrast to the warm and dry weather encountered over Mother's Day Weekend.

We will say goodbye to sunny skies and high temperatures in the 80s and likely encounter on and off rain showers, decent cloud cover, and cooler temperatures in the low to mid 60s. 

Friday: The afternoon and evening carries a high chance of widespread showers with high temperatures close to 60 degrees. 

Saturday: Luckily, a slightly lesser chance of showers comes around into Saturday. Most of the day only holds about a 40 percent chance as opposed to the 80 percent chance on Friday. Aside from some scattered showers, expect mostly cloudy conditions with high temperatures a few degrees warmer in the mid 60s. 

Sunday: The forecast continues in a similar fashion to Saturday with mostly cloudy conditions and about a 40-50 percent chance of showers. High temperatures will be in the upper 60s, so continuing with a gradual weekend warming. 

Here's how the 7-day forecast is shaping up: