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How fog made it "snow" in Spokane on Tuesday morning

People living in parts of Spokane got a light dusting of "snow" on Tuesday morning, but how it got there is quite incredible.

SPOKANE, Wash. — A light dusting of snow in Spokane in January usually isn't all that surprising, but what we saw Tuesday morning is "actually quite incredible." Those were the words of KREM 2 meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo upon seeing the "snow" falling in the Five Mile area.

Several viewers have reported fairly heavy snow at their homes and on Spokane traffic cameras there was a clear, fresh coating of white.

So, what's happening? There are no storms in the area, so where did the snow come from? Here's an explanation from KREM 2 meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo:

This right here is actually quite incredible. What you're looking at is what looks like some decent snow coming down out near Five Mile.

What we've got is up for meteorological debate, but we'll just call it snow coming from the fog. 

We don't have any sort of storm moving overhead, it's just that kind of moisture in the low levels of the atmosphere. What's currently happening is those super cool little droplets are hitting one another, and as they hit each other they're freezing. And if they do that enough they run into other drops and eventually gravity wins out and pulls them down to the ground.

So, what looks like snow this morning is coming out of the fog.

A deeper explanation meteorologically is confusing, so we'll just say we got a little bit of snow coming out of the fog. So, just be ready for that.

Credit: KREM 2 NEWS
A KREM 2 viewer shares a photo of snow caused by Fog in the Five Mile area.

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