SPOKANE, Wash.— While Monday saw dry and cloudy skies, a change is expected to begin Tuesday. Tuesday will have heavy mountain snow move into the region, along with rain in many other areas across Washington.

A Winter Storm Watch will go into effect for the northern mountains and valleys Tuesday morning.

While much of the stormy weather begins Tuesday morning, a more intense and heavier storm system seems to move through on Tuesday night. Northern mountains can expect up to 20 inches of snow, but most valleys are contained to up to 6 inches.

Spokane and most Washington areas south of it may see a brief snowfall that will quickly turn into rain and remain that way for the evening.

Central Washington and along the southern portion of the Palouse will see mostly rain. This mildly stormy weather is expected to continue throughout the week and possibly into this weekend, but many afternoons will still see temperatures slightly above average and above freezing in the afternoons.