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'Cool' summer 2019 still hotter than normal for Spokane

Spokane's summer is currently 1.2 degrees warmer than average. This will mark the eighth straight summer season above average.

SPOKANE, Wash. — It's been a nice, and dare I say it... "cool" summer. Sure seems that way with lots of great weather this season across the Inland Northwest and air quality been good more days than not.

And yet, when I dug into the numbers, and looks at summer temperatures day-by-day, turns out 2019 is still hotter than normal!

1.2 degrees above normal to be exact for Spokane. This is for the meteorological summer to date, June 1 through August 21.

By month, June was warmer than average, July slightly cooler, but August has been by far the warmest, largely due to the stretch of hot weather at the beginning of the month when Spokane hit 90 for 5-straight days.

Credit: KREM 2 Weather
Spokane's average summer temperature from 1881 to 2019.

So why does it feel like we've have a cooler and more pleasant summer? Simply put, it's just been cooler than recent summers. The graph pictured above shows summer temperatures for Spokane since 1881. 

Credit: KREM 2 Weather
Each summer in Spokane since 2012 has been above average, with 2015 being the hottest summer on record.

What stands out (in the image above), is that since 2012 each summer has been above average, and this year will make it 8-straight years of warmer than average summers. And not only are we getting more accustomed to a "new normal" of summer heat, it was in 2015 where we had our hottest summer on record, and 2017 hitting the 3rd hottest.