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Future uncertain for animal rescue after devastating flooding in Grays Harbor County

“I never expected to see it like this,” said Melissa Nolan with Misspits Rescue.

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, Wash. — The cleanup continues for communities dealing with flooding in Grays Harbor County. For many, it will be days before waters have receded and damage can be assessed.

It's tough as people sort out what can be saved, what will be covered by insurance, and what's next for repairs.  

At the Misspits Rescue near Rochester, Melissa Nolan described watching floodwaters rise from inside her home.

“I never expected to see it like this,” she said. 

Days later there are still several feet of water on the property, water that will take days to recede. The property was an old farm that Nolan thought would work great for the rescue. It started as a dog rescue and grew from there to include farm animals.

The group knew about some past flood issues, but nothing like this.

When the threat became obvious, everyone jumped into action.  

“In about 24 hours, 69 animals we evacuated out,” Nolan said.

Huddled in her house as the floodwaters came close with about 10 dogs, some cats, and reptiles, she admits her mind began to wander.  

“I thought maybe this was just the end. I don't know if we as a rescue can come back from this,” she said.

With so much water still on the property and concerns about how much insurance will cover, it’s hard not to worry. Still, she’s been touched by the help they’re getting.  

“The outpouring of support has been amazing so many people reaching out and donating,” Nolan said.

Nolan feels like their group is being lifted in their own way and she's trying to figure out the next steps, but it helps to know they won’t be walking this wet and muddy road alone.

“It makes me think we'll be able to get what we need and keep going,” she said.

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