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Businesses turn to HVAC experts to improve air quality in smoky conditions

When the skies get smoky, HVAC experts say they don't necessarily get more calls, but the type of calls they get change.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Heating and air conditioning companies said when wildfire smoke rolls in, they will get calls from businesses wanting to make sure their air filters are in good shape.

Cassie Ferguson is a heating and air conditioning system technician at Advanced Mechanical Systems. When the skies get smoky, she said they don't necessarily get more calls, but the type of calls they get change.

"A lot of places want double filter changes just because of the air quality. Making sure their employees anybody coming into their business has better air quality," Ferguson said. "I had a bank call yesterday, and they wanted every single one of their makeup air units shutdown."

Makeup air units are located on the roof and they bring in outdoor air. Advanced Mechanical makes house calls too. Ferguson said they'll find homeowners battling wildfire smoke will errantly stack two air filters behind each other.

"It's going to cause the system problems," she said.

Namely, making the fan in your HVAC system work harder. Ferguson adds that if you want to prevent a call to them, humidifiers in your home can help battle smoky conditions and use charcoal air filters if possible.

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