SPOKANE, Wash. — Air quality continues to improve throughout the Inland Northwest.

A look at the Washington State Department of Ecology Air Quality Map shows better air quality conditions as of Sunday morning.

PHOTO: Washington State Department of Ecology

As the smoke begins to move out, green dots signifying satisfactory air with little or no air pollution risk are popping up across Washington State. Saturday, the air quality index showed red and orange makers for the Spokane area. As of Sunday morning, the red and orange markers in Spokane changed to yellow.

Yellow markers signify "acceptable" air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency reports this air quality index is "a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution."

Strong winds pushed a thick layer of smoke across the Inland Northwest as wildfires burn in British Columbia, Montana, Idaho and parts of Oregon. Because of the smoke, The National Weather Service issued an air quality alert at the beginning of August. During the height of smoky skies around the Inland Northwest, Spokane’s air quality index became the fifth worst in the nation. Now, there are signs of improvements.

Along with an improved air quality index, there have been signs of rain!