SPOKANE, Wash. — A recent study is suggesting that Spokane is among the top five cities in the United States with the worst drivers.

Insurify, an online car insurance shopping platform, compiled this list by asking more than one million shoppers if they had been cited for a driving incident where they were at fault in the past seven years. These includes accidents, DUIs, failures to stop, speeding, reckless driving and passing violations.

Spokane was ranked No. 4 on the list out of a ranking of 20 cities. According to the study, roughly 29 percent of Spokane drivers have been involved in an accident where they were at fault.

The study also concluded that Spokane residents are 65 percent more likely to receive a speeding ticket than the average driver and 21 percent more likely to get in an at-fault accident than the average driver.

Portland, Oregon, received the No. 11 spot on the list and Boise made the top ten.

Summer and early fall are the deadliest times of year on the roads, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In July and August, there are approximately 116 road deaths per day in the U.S.

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Visit the Insurify website to view the full study.