SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. — With slick road conditions, there’s been a flurry of accidents over the last few days. 

When conditions are dangerous and snow blankets the road, the Spokane Transit Authority has to be prepared for any twist and turns.

“It all starts when we get the forecast that says we’re going to have a major storm,” said STA Chief operations officer Roger Watkins.

During the winter months, the STA increases staffing and have more drivers working on-call to deal with the extra load.

That means any incident that could slow routes down is met with a backup plan to keep things moving. Their prep work allows them to stay on schedule and get riders to their destination on time despite how the road looks.

“When we have bad weather, we tend to have more incidents we have to respond to,” said Watkins.

If one of the vehicles get stuck, road supervisors use specially designed heavy-duty bumpers to nudge the bus back into action.

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“Most people, when they decide to ride the bus, may not be exactly on a bus route," Watkins said.

That’s where the park-and-rides come in handy. There can be a situation where a person doesn't feel like dealing with all of the steep hills and snow, so you can park for free and buy a pass just for the day.

A new bus comes through every few minutes and you can monitor when the next one will arrive on STA’s website.

For emergency weather, STA recommends signing up for notifications on what their schedule looks like.

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