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You can soon fly from Seattle to Portland for $49 one-way

Jet Suite X is launching a Seattle to Portland flight beginning April 2. Flights will take off from Boeing Field and are $49 for a one-way ticket.

SEATTLE — Most Seattle residents have made the trip to Portland at some point, and depending on how you get there, it can take some effort and patience.

Beginning April 2, JSX (formerly JetSuiteX) will begin offering flights from Seattle to Portland on their public charter flights for $49 one-way.

The flights would take off from Boeing Field instead of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, sparing travelers the sometimes long waits through Sea-Tac’s security lines.

Their website touts an easy process to board, and they don’t charge for pets or for regular-sized bags.

JSX will be offering up to five round trips daily when the service begins.

So how does flying to Portland compare to other travel options? 

To drive, It’s an average two and a half hours to Portland and it costs about $40 round trip, according to travelmath.com.

If there’s traffic or an accident, your drive time could shoot way up.

Bus tickets to Portland average between $15 and $30, but the drive times jump to a near 4-hour average and again if you add traffic, it takes you longer to get there. 

On the Amtrak website, travel times for the Amtrak Cascade trains are about three and a half hours. Costs range between $27 and $65. There’s no traffic, but the train is susceptible to delays from weather or other issues that could extend your travel time.

You can already fly from Seattle to Portland via Sea-Tac Airport, but depending on when you book, the costs could reach $100 or more making, it one of the more expensive options.