SPOKANE, Wash. — Slow speed zones around City of Spokane parks and pools are going to be heavily enforced throughout the summer months.

Since school is out as of Thursday, children will be near park areas more frequently this summer. Spokane police say that enforcing the slower speed limits will keep the roads safer. 

Drivers are expected to drive 20 mph in every park zone. If drivers go any faster, they risk getting a ticket starting at $214 depending on their speed.

"We like to bring it to the attention of the drivers early, as soon as school is out and the activity picks up in the parks. We do not want to have a pedestrian-vehicle collision where a young child is hurt," Spokane Police Department spokesperson John O'Brien. 

O'Brien says drivers should remember that pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way once they have checked the road for safe crossing. 

City pools will also be opening June 17, bringing more children to the park areas. 

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