SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Transportation will re-stripe the Hamilton on-ramps used to access Interstate 90 on Wednesday.

“Snow has melted and it’s warm enough to finally get some paint down on the road! Thank you to everyone for your patience,” the state Department of Transportation tweeted.

This comes after many Spokane residents said the flow of traffic at the Hamilton on-ramps was confusing.

Construction in that area started last summer as crews worked on resurfacing the Third and Second Avenue bridges.

To clear up this confusion, KREM took a drive with Washington State Department of Transportation project engineer Chad Simonson in February. He explained how the traffic should flow there.

He said all traffic getting onto Interstate 90 will use the left lane and Second Avenue traffic will use the far right lane.

Eventually though, westbound traffic will follow to the far left, and eastbound traffic will maneuver slightly to the right – or the middle lane.

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He said traffic flow will stay this way once construction on the two bridges is complete.

Simonson said the striped lines that guide drivers into their respective lanes have faded, which is what has made navigating the on-ramp tricky for drivers.

He added that the snowy weather also prevented crews from being able to repaint the striped lines.

"In order to put a stripe down I need it to be 40 degrees out for it to dry," Simonson said. "It has to go down on a dry surface, and the surface needs to be dry for 24 hours. Unfortunately, this time of year, like today, it's beautifully dry, but only 25 degrees."

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