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Fatal South Hill crash draws attention to pedestrian safety in Spokane

A beloved former North Central HS teacher was hit and killed by a car on Spokane's South Hill. Some have called for more safety measures for pedestrians.


The speed limit in Spokane is typically 25 or 30 miles per hour depending on what type of road you're on. 

But oftentimes, people go faster than that. 

Southeast Boulevard on the South Hill is a winding road where drivers can pick up speed. It is also the road where former North Central High School teacher Stephanie Schrimshire was killed. 

"You have to drive through that death zone to get back to the area. And in doing so, you are at the grace of the drivers," said Schrimshire's brother Laurence Stockton. 

He is calling for more safety measures to be put into place, and he's not the only one.

"I don't think I see a single sign while walking up and down the streets," said Navy Veteran Wayne Adamski.

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He walks this path with his fiance everyday for work, but says he always feels nervous because cars are speeding by. 

"They are supposed to go like 30-40, but I think they go around 60-70," he said. 

Testing out the speeds with a radar gun and a quick drive, many drivers went over the speed limit. Take a look:

"There are so many things that traffic engineers can work on to help reduce, not just speed, but increased driver attention and draw attention to certain things,' said Spokane Police Department Sgt. Terry Preuninger. 

Other ideas Preuninger suggested included adding more signs, better lighting, or adding a roundabout. However, it is still too soon to make any immediate changes.

"I hope that the city will look at this, we are hoping that this will be an opportunity for the community to exam personal responsibility issue for drives," said Stockton.

Laurence waits while the investigation is still ongoing, but police say there may or may not be charges. The driver in question is cooperating with detectives.  

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