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Idaho mobilizes more law enforcement to address aggressive driving

The Idaho Office of Highway Safety is launching a program aimed at minimizing the number of accidents caused by aggressive drivers in Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Office of Highway Safety (OHS) and law enforcement agencies across Idaho are initiating a program to address aggressive driving in Idaho.

The statewide mobilization aims to calm aggressive driving observed in the state last year.

According to OHS, in 2022, there were 14,002 crashes contributed to aggressive driving in Idaho - and that 39 percent of total fatal crashes involved some form of aggressive driving behavior. 

Law enforcement intends to discourage aggressive drivers by the mobilization of additional officers and patrol, effective between Feb. 26 and March 11.

OHS stated that drivers can expect to see officers focused on traffic stops and accelerated interventions if dangerous or aggressive driving is observed. 

"When you hear the words aggressive driving, the first term that comes to mind for most people is road rage," said Denise Dinnauer, Aggressive Driving Program Manager for OHS. 

"But road rage is a criminal act on the extreme end of a wide array of behaviors. More people engage in aggressive driving than they may realize."

Aggressive driving behaviors include:

• Speeding
• Tailgating
• Driving too fast for conditions
• Cutting in front of another driver and then slowing down
• Failing to stop for red lights or stop signs
• Failing to yield
• Weaving in and out of traffic
• Changing lanes without signaling
• Blocking cars that are attempting to change lanes
• Passing a vehicle on the wrong side of the road or on the shoulder
• Screaming, honking, or flashing lights
• Making hand gestures or facial expressions at other drivers

Officials with OHS encourage people to drive engaged and think critically about the effect that impulse, emotion and impatience can have on their actions behind the wheel.

"We know Idahoans want to do the right thing, but people may not realize when they are slipping into aggressive driving behavior that they are putting lives at risk," said Dinnauer. 

"We can all do our part to keep our roads safe and save lives."

More aggressive driving prevention materials can be found on the Idaho Transportation Department website.

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