SEATTLE — Spokane Mayor David Condon is not mincing words in his effort to convince Seattleites to move east.

A new campaign launched by the City of Spokane is attempting to attract tech talent and businesses to consider the Lilac City as an alternative to the busy, overpriced way of life in Seattle.

The campaign called Hacking Washington suggests that "Here you still can," a subtle dig at Seattle which has become known more for its skyrocketing rent and tech wealth, as opposed to its views and easy living.

"We're really focusing on alumni of Spokane - one of our five amazing universities," Condon told KING 5s Jake Whittenberg. "Or other people who have lived in Spokane and moved away to Seattle."

Spokane does have its advantages when it comes to cost of living. 

According to the U.S. Census, Spokane has a shorter commute on average, 20 minutes compared to around 27 minutes in Seattle. 

Rent costs are much lower in Spokane, $970 per month for a one bedroom apartment compared to $1,965 per month in Seattle. Home prices in Seattle are much higher at $726,500, compared to $211,800 in Spokane.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan responded to Spokane's effort.

"Spokane is a great town. It's one of my favorite cousins and I want it to thrive. But Seattle has always been the city that invents the future," a statement from Durkan says. "We pretty much invented commercial air travel, and then re-invented it by letting people book online. We were the birthplace of the personal computer revolution and online shopping, and now are pioneering cloud computing services.

"Seattle is home to the best companies because we have long been a leading global destination for highly skilled workers and thought leaders from across the world. While I hope Spokane continues to grow, there’s no greater city to live, work and enjoy than Seattle."