ERIE, Colo. — Many little boys dream of one day driving a supercar (think Ferrari, McLaren or Lamborghini. But one of those will likely set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A father and son team from Erie is working to print one for a fraction of that price.

Sterling Backus and his 11-year-old son Xander have two 3D printers in their basement and have been building a car for more than a year.

They spend about an hour each day working on a Lamborghini.

“This is a SV Aventador," Backus said. "They go for quite a bit of money. This version is about $600,000."

So far, the father and son have spent $18,000, including the engine.

printed car

“The engine is actually a Corvette LS 1," Xander said."We just slapped some turbos on it and now it's as fast as a Lambo."

The idea stemmed from the racing video game "Forza," something Xander and his dad played often.

“He asked if we could build a car and I thought, 'Why not'?" Backus said.

 The specs came from the blueprints of a little model car.

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“What we did is took [the specs], threw it into solid works, and then we just blew it up to normal size and then modified all the panels, [and] then we printed them,” Xander said.

“None of the panels would fit on a real Lambo," Backus said. "They’ve all been adjusted in some way."

Almost everything on the car is 3D printed, except for the engine and glass.  

Xander and his dad are hoping to have it finished by spring 2020 and plan to take it around to area schools.

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