SPOKANE, Wash. – The time honored tradition of playing a flag or touch football game will continue this Thursday, as Thanksgiving rolls around yet again.

Of course, with the Apple Cup this weekend, we could not pass up an opportunity to ask Washington State University’s head football coach Mike Leach for his Thanksgiving game day advice.

He advised recreational players to be sure to “hang on to the ball” and get family members on your team that “care about winning.”

"There's going to be a point that once everybody gets muddy, they're just going to enjoy the whole being in the mud and tossing mud on each other," he said. "So if the game is serious..which I don't know that it ever is... you want the ones that will maintain their focus around the game and not get as infatuated with the mud."

We would also advise playing before eating just as a preventative measure.

For now, it looks like Turkey Day will be rainy, so good luck!

Probably worth noting that Leach said Monday his favorite board game is "Risk" because it includes a lot of people and "there's a little more action to it." He also likes "the one where you draw all the pictures." We think he means "Pictionary."