LEWISTON, Idaho — When we think of WSU football battling the elements, we think of the team dealing with the cold and the snow in the fall.

On Thursday, the most notable competition for the squad was in triple digit temperatures.

“We have good strength coaches. They tell us how to stay hydrated and keep our bodies right,” said linebacker Jamire Calvin of how the team deals with the heat. “Drink a lot of water, a lot of fluids. It’s really a mental thing. As long as your mental’s right, your mentally strong, you know what you got to do. It’s practice so we’ve got to come out here and practice hard so we can get better.”

“It’s gotten hotter as the week went on. This is more typical for Lewiston this time of year,” said Mike Leach.

“College of the Desert was the toughest and that was out there in Palm Desert, California,” said Leach of his most difficult hot weather conditions he’s practiced in. “You’d drive by the bank and it’d say 127 degrees. Then you’d go home and turn on the TV, and they’d say the hottest place in America was Phoenix at 116, and we would’ve loved to have had 116.”

“You kind of step off the bus and you’re like. ‘Okay, we can get through it.’ Then you put your shoulder pads on and you’re like, ‘Whoa.’ It was a little bit different, but I thought the guys did a good job,” said quarterback Trey Tinsley.

Fortunately there is some relief from the heat as soon as the guys get off the practice field. It comes in the form of an ice bath.

“In a day like today in 120 degrees I definitely do,” said Peyton Pelluer, mid ice bath. “Just get your body right. Get your mind right. Especially for an old guy like me. My joints hurt. I definitely have come to appreciate it more and more.”

Washington State now shifts fall camp back to Pullman beginning on Friday. However, the forecast still says they’ll be battling triple digit temperatures there as well.