Update: Weaver confirms he will stay at Cal and not declare for the draft in 2019.

Original report:

There is the one sound Cougar fans do NOT want to hear Saturday night in Martin Stadium.

And the reason why they may hear it this particular Saturday?

Well, that's because Cal and Gonzaga Prep star Evan Weaver's mom will be in the stands for the Cougs versus Bears showdown.

"It's kinda loud," said Christine Weaver of her yell, before belting it out.

"It started when Evan was in 5th or 6th grade. In high school it was supposed to stop. Evan said, 'You need to stop that.' And then it was, 'Mom, I didn't hear you. I didn't hear you.' So then I had to start doing the yell again."

Christine yelled all through Evan's three standout years at Prep, including the Bullpups dominant 4A state title run his senior year. Evan was the 4A Player of the Year that season, owning both sides of the ball.

But when it came time to pick a school the Bears beat out both the Cougs and the Huskies.

"He had 13 offers," said Christine

"He loved Wazzu. Wazzu recruited him harder than anybody," said Todd, Evan's father.

"The reason he picked Cal was multi-pronged. I think it was because Evan is not a big fan of the cold and wanted to go somewhere warm. He knows that academics are very important and that's a very prestigious university academically. Todd and I loved it because the families are so much like the families at Prep. They are 100-percent behind their boys," beamed Christine.

Choosing Cal over U-Dub became a sweeter decision after one of the biggest defensive plays in the nation last week.

"Evan grew up a Husky. We went to every home game. So when he chose not to go there and then he got to do what he did last weekend, oh my gosh! It was amazing," exclaimed Christine. "It's like watching his senior year of high school all over again."

That one play set up a huge showdown against Wazzu's Air Raid Saturday in Pullman.

"They've played good defense all year, but they haven't faced a passing attack like Wazzu," said Todd.

"Every trip is a business trip. And you do not want to be around him before the game on game day," said Christine.

More than 90 Cal and Prep fans will fill two buses down to the Palouse on Saturday.

Mom says regardless of what happens in Martin Stadium, Count on two things:

1. She'll be one proud mama.

"I'm so proud of the man he's become. He's become someone who's thoughtful. Who's genuine. He works hard. He doesn't pull any punches. He's not a collegiate athlete jerk."

2. Evan's still got bigger plans: playing on Sundays.

"I don't expect anything less. That's what he's told us since the first grade. I don't doubt that child."

"I remember watching the first game when he was at varsity at Prep. He didn't start," said Todd. "He played the second series and never sat out again. So to think about the NFL is pretty crazy."

His draft stock is rising with his monster year, but no decision yet on whether to declare for the draft..

"He'll decide. He'll talk to us. He'll talk to the coaches and see where he could go. He certainly wants to go there, if not next year, then the year after," said Todd.

So still a few more games to hear his mom's signature cry of support.

"In college of course I have to do the yell," said Christine.

"He heard her on the field when it was raining in Husky Stadium, and we were in the upper deck in the corner, and he heard her," said Todd.

"At Arizona State, everyone's texting us," said Christine as Todd jumps in: "I can hear Christine on TV."

"They wanted to take photos with me. They said I was the best Cal fan they had ever seen."

"Best is relative, but certainly the loudest," said Todd, with a chuckle.