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Untold Stories: The funny way EWU's Mason Peatling paid attention to detail

The recent Eags graduate's attention to detail came in thick folders filled with everything you could imagine and long texts to coaches on how he could improve.

CHENEY, Wash. — Former Eastern Washington men's basketball forward Mason Peatling has been detail oriented for a long time.

Head coach Shantay Legans recognized that when he went to recruit Peatling.

"Before we fly back, Mason gives me a folder this big," Legans said stretching his fingers apart several inches. "I go, 'Mason what is this?' He said, 'That's everything I've done since the third grade.'"

The folder was filled with good grades, awards and lot of other stuff like that. That was just a sign to come according to his coach.

"Throughout his whole career here when he dealt with compliance, his scholarship check, the international office, he always dropped them a folder this big with that much detail," Legans said.

It didn't have to deal with just off the court either. Peatling texted Legans long text messages breaking down every single part of the game, pointing out where he could have done better.

With his detail, he gave a lot of people a lot of reading to do. Peatling poked some fun at his coach before he left Eastern Washington about that.

"He said, 'You probably read more about me than you did in college,'" Legans said with a grin. "He was right. I probably know more about him than I do my own family."

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