SPOKANE, Wash. — Former Seattle Seahawks player Malik McDowell criticized the team Saturday on Twitter  and the drama continues over the team suing him for nearly $800,000.

 After being drafted in 2017, McDowell suffered a head and brain injury in an ATV accident in the offseason. He was never cleared to play by team doctors and was waived by the team in March of 2019.

The lawsuit stems McDowell breaching his rookie contract and then never playing because of the non-football related injury. The contract reads, "a player will not engage in any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury."

The result was a dispute over signing bonus money.

In McDowell's four year contract, he was supposed to receive about $3.2 million in signing bonuses. The Seahawks original request was to get all of the bonus back.

They would settle with the NFL Player's Association on the amount of $1,599,238, which is half of the full bonus. The Seahawks had already withheld about $800,000 of the bonuses. So the final amount that was determined McDowell owed was about $799,238 .

An arbitrator ruled in favor of the Seahawks and McDowell did not dispute or appeal the ruling in the time period given to do so. So now the team is suing.

They are seeking that money plus interest for all the legal fees for the lawsuit.

A big point of this is that McDowell wasn't cleared to play by team doctors. But McDowell and his agent Drew Rosenhaus claim he's been cleared to play by an independent doctor. He tweeted about it today.

He continued on bashing the organization.

And then claimed he was healthy enough to play in one more tweet.

It looks like in this lawsuit McDowell is going to say he was healthy for some time and that this is the Seahawks fault that he didn't play.

With that reasoning, he would try to justify that he should be able to keep the nearly 800,000 dollars.