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PORTLAND, Ore. — After waiting 19 long seasons for the Trail Blazers to get back to the Western Conference finals, you know Rip City was ready to celebrate.

Portland beat the Denver Nuggets 100-96 in Game 7 of their second-round series on Sunday afternoon to advanced to the West finals for the first time since the 1999-2000 season.

After the game, we asked you to share your photos and videos of you celebrating the victory with family, friends, strangers pets, and you came through, sharing so many joyous moments with us. Thank you!

We've put together photo gallery of fans celebrating after the win, and we've filled this article with countless videos you sent us of you celebrating your Blazers.

A Western Conference finals date with the Golden State Warriors is next. Go Blazers!


PHOTOS: Blazers fans react after Game 7

Fan reaction videos

This baby's BIG EYES 😂

Tracking his heart rate

Celebrating at the Sellwood Manor

The Clayton family in Abington, Mass.

The crowd at a kickball game crowded around to watch the final seconds

Chanting and celebrating at a sports bar

Doing the happy dance with a "Feel No Limits" Damian Lillard poster in the background

Jenna Gonzalez's daughters were so happy they were crying

Lucy Vega's family couldn't contain their excitement

Heather Bean captured more kids doing the happy dance

Celebrating at the River City Saloon in Hood River, Oregon

"Look at 'em! Look at 'em! Let's go!"

Jumping up and down

Running through his Portland neighborhood waving the Blazers flag

"Happy mothers everywhere!!"

"It's our game! It's our game! It's our game!"

Dancing in the living room

Can't contain his excitement, has to take it outside

"YES! YES! YES! WE'RE GOING!" (Warning: profanity)

Crying on the floor in a Lillard jersey

Dancing and hugging after the Blazers win

"WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS, B------! I'M GOING BROKE! (Warning: profanity)

"You guys wanna run down the street or anything?"

"I'm all the way in South Carolina, baby! Rip City, all day!"

Celebration at a sports bar

This family can't contain their excitement


Celebrating at a restaurant

"Don't get hit by a car!"



A "Beat Golden State!" chant breaks out

"He's letting off a firecracker!"

Celebrated so loud he scared his poor daughter


Blazers super fan Jessi Dunckel