HAYDEN, Idaho — Rathdrum resident Brian Rounds is a volunteer Little League baseball umpire-in-chief umpire with a sole purpose.

"Being a positive role model out there for kids and being a positive role model for other kids that see what we do and want to umpire at some point in time," Rounds said.

This is important to Rounds because he didn't have a father figure growing up. At eight years old, his parents had a divorce. His dad wasn't around as Rounds grew up playing baseball.

"I didn't have a father. The coaches I had in Little League really acted as a really good father figure for me," Rounds said. "It was huge to have some strong men in my life as a kid to teach me good values. So I love Little League for that for sure. It's really the reason I give back to this great program."

He's been an umpire for 20 years, but has spent the last 18 in North Idaho. It's where him and his staff pass on the values taught to Rounds.

"The kids know us, the parents know us and they respect the fact that we are a positive force on the field," he said.

Rounds will get to spread that influence on a national stage. He applied and was selected to be one of 16 Little League World Series umpires from around the world.

"It's huge for what I stand for to be representing North Idaho down there," Rounds said. "It's a huge honor. It's humbled me in ways that I didn't think were possible."

It's a neat tip of the cap to this man who gives back.

"My passion is volunteering. No matter what you volunteer in you should do it with your heart 100 percent," he said. "I certainly do that as I ump Little League baseball with my heart 100 percent."