When Luc Smith was traded to the Spokane Chiefs from Kamloops at the end of November, his phone immediately rang.

"We were just giggling the whole time. We were so excited," said Smith. "It's been good. It's been a lot of fun being here with one of your best friends."

Smith and fellow Spokane Chief Riley Woods became best friends... Well, let's let Riley, who is more commonly known around the team as Woodsy, tell the story.

"We both started off in Regina. He played as 16 year-old and I played as a 17 year-old. We actually went to the same high school when he was 16 so we were in the same English class, and I guess we kind of just approached each other and became friends ever since. It's been quite the time."

A few trades later between the two of them, and they're ending their WHL careers as Spokane Chiefs.

"To be able to finish up our career playing on the same team, it's been pretty special," said Luc. "It's been something we've definitely enjoyed."

"Once we got traded, I didn't think I was going to see you on the same team again, but when you came to Spokane it's been everything that we've ever wanted," said Riley.

"We picked up where we left off," chimed in Luc.

Beyond that, Smith and Woods are the top two scorers on the Chiefs this season. 

Woods leads the way with 29 goals and Smith is tied for second with 27 goals between the two teams he's played for this year. 

Seeing each other succeed is special for both of them.

"We used to get scratched together and sit on the bench when we weren't playing very much when we were rookies and now we're going out every second shift and getting played in important moments," said Luc as both him and Riley chuckled. "It's been fun to reconnect with a guy that we kind of went through the same things as rookies together, but now you're going through the positives of being an older guy in the league.".

At some point, hockey will end for the two of them, but there's no doubt that their relationship will stay the same.

"It's always fun having Luc around. He always makes the situation lighten up and he's always funny. We laugh at the same things, and I think he would say the same things, and it's been fun every since."