Some Seattle Seahawks fans missed Sunday's blowout win over the Indianapolis Colts because they continue to boycott the team over NFL protests during the national anthem.

One of them is Robert Davis of Everett.

“I have not watched a single game. I haven’t watched any preseason game. I have not watched any regular season game,” said Davis, who identified himself as a Navy veteran.

“If the anthem is played, everyone should stand at attention and respect the anthem and respect the flag,” said Davis.

Nine Seahawks defensive players sat on the bench as the anthem was played Sunday night. That included Michael Bennett, who made news after speaking to a group of veterans outside Seahawks headquarters last week.

Some veterans and their families don’t believe NFL players are disrespecting the flag.

“I completely respect the military because I’m from a military family,” said Marie Latimer, of Marysville, who said her brother and grandfather were service members.

“To me, it’s their First Amendment right, and you can’t take away someone’s First amendment right. Do you have to agree with it? No. But you still have to respect it,” said Latimer.

Davis said he doesn’t believe the protests should be done while players are on the job.

“However, I firmly believe that there is an appropriate time and place and venue for protests, and the anthem is not it,” he said.

So at kickoff time, instead of watching the game, Davis was playing video games. Davis said it will be this way until every NFL player stands.