Before his number was retired by the team Sunday, Kenny Easley supported players kneeling during the national anthem.

When asked if he would kneel if he were playing today, Easley said: “Certainly. If that’s what was gonna bring attention to the issues that are problematic to America, then yes, I would do it.”

Easley made the statement before announcing his Hall of Fame bust will have a home at Seattle’s Northwest African American Museum. Another bust is at the football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

“I think that the NFL players have a major platform being an NFL player,” said Easley. “I think that’s a terrific platform and I think that they should use that platform for all types of issues.”

Easley said he doesn’t feel the players are being unpatriotic, like some have argued, but he does think players are focusing too much on protesting President Donald Trump, instead of what he sees as the issue at hand – police bruatality.

“I hope they can get back to the issues that originally started this, which is taking on the social injustices that’s going on in America,” he said.

Easley added he’s not upset at fans boycott the team or the league.

“Those fans that are upset that players are doing this, that’s their right,” he said.

On the issue of CTE, Easley said next month he’s going to have tests done.

“I’m going in next month to have my examination,” he added. “They can’t determine whether I have CTE, but they can determine whether I have cognitive problems that could result in CTE upon my death. I think it’s important to learn about those issues.”