The trooper who arrested Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane for suspicion of DUI early Sunday morning said he suspected Lane was under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana, and said Lane admitted to having smoked pot. That's according to the probable cause documents released Tuesday.

The trooper wrote that he spotted a white sedan traveling east on the Interstate 90 floating bridge just after 2:00 a.m. going 80 mph in a 60 mph zone. The car had its hazard lights on and was drifting between lanes.

When the trooper pulled Lane over, he said he smelled a "strong odor of burnt marijuana inside."

Lane, who had a passenger, allegedly told the trooper his home alarm system had been activated and he was trying to get home. The trooper wrote in the documents that Lane's speech was slurred and slow, and his eyes were watery and bloodshot.

Lane allegedly told the trooper he smoked marijuana three hours before being pulled over, but said he didn't drink.

The trooper wrote that Lane had difficulty performing field sobriety tests such as balance and following the trooper's pen with his eyes. But a preliminary breath test showed Lane had a blood-alcohol level of .039, which is less than half the legal limit.

Although Lane's BAC was legal, the trooper arrested him, writing that he suspected Lane was impaired by a combination of marijuana and alcohol.

The trooper wrote Lane allegedly expressed concern over being arrested for DUI and didn't want people to think he was drunk.

"This time I was more high than anything," Lane allegedly said.

The trooper wrote he was unaware that Lane was a football player until after the arrest.

Lane tweeted about the arrest Monday morning, but later deleted the tweets.

"Why ppl judge you by what they hear but not by what they know !!!" Lane tweeted.

"A failed DUI is 0.08 right ? I blew 0.03 why was still arrest !!! I'll Leave it at that," Lane tweeted.

The trooper mentioned these in the probable cause report and indicated Lane had difficulty understanding he could be impaired by marijuana.