The Alamo Bowl in San Antonio is two weeks away, where Washington State University takes on Iowa State.

We noticed there hasn't been as much excitement leading up to this year’s bowl game. That is, compared to last year. So, we spoke with some WSU alums to get a feel for where the Cougs are at for the Alamo Bowl.

"Fair amount of disappointment about losing the Apple Cup and therefore not getting into the PAC 12 Championship game,” Todd Shelton, a Coug living in Austin, Texas, said. “And furthermore, not going to the Rose Bowl led to a series of let downs and disappointments.”

Many alums expressed similar sentiments; the Coug’s loss in the Apple Cup this year was especially disappointing. And missing the opportunity to be in the PAC-12 Championships surely didn’t help.

But throw in logistics, and that’s making it an especially trying time for Coug fans. The Alamo Bowl will take place in San Antonio – a destination that will take most Cougs a plane-trip to get to.

“The overall cost to get to San Antonio right after Christmas is like super out of people’s price range,” WSU Alum Tim Hogg said.

From Spokane, tickets go for as much as $1,300 round trip, and more than $1,100 flying from Seattle. That’s around $700 to $900 more than flights to last year’s Holiday Bowl in San Diego.

WSU Athletics said it sold 5,000 of the 6,000 Alamo Bowl tickets allocated to the University. To give some perspective, WSU was allocated 7,000 tickets for the 2017 Holiday Bowl, and sold about 4,000.