Former Washington State quarterback Luke Falk put on his new uniform Saturday for the beginning of rookie camp with the Titans. Falk is wearing No. 11 as opposed to the No. 4 he wore in college (kicker Ryan Succop currently wears No. 4 for the team).

The Titans have already signed the most prolific QB in PAC-12 history and hope to groom him into a possible NFL starter one day.

The man out of Logan, Utah is happy to be back on the field.

"It's been good. It's been a lot of learning. Each day trying to get a little better. Just trying to do my job and do it at a fast pace...(I have) a whole lot of room to grow," Falk said.

The sixth round pick seems to be the same guy, saying the same things in Nashville, but he did talk about his difficult transition from college to the NFL especially when you factor in Mike Leach's offense and the propensity to continually throw the ball left and right out of the shotgun.

"We're doing stuff under center. You're making different alerts. It's just a different system and I think with perfect repetition, pounding at it everyday, eventually I'm going to get it," Falk said.

We will keep close tabs on Falk throughout his rookie season in Tennessee.