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'This is my year to prove who I am': WSU's Max Borghi ready to run the ball more in new offense

Borghi says he's ready to prove that he is one of the best running backs in the country.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Things may look a little bit different for Max Borghi out on the field this season. 

He’s all for it.

"Running the ball, obviously," said Borghi with a chuckle, answering what excites him the most about his team's new Run and Shoot offense.

Spoken like a true former Air Raid running back. 

Max Borghi said to not expect him catching the ball as much this year.

"I’m grateful for what I did the last two years. It was good to get the film of me catching the ball. Now this is my year to prove who I am and prove that I’m a running back and what I am capable of. I’m definitely interested to do all these different run schemes because I know I’m a great runner, and I know that I can prove it to the whole country if I get the opportunity. This year’s going to be a big year, and I’m excited for the great opportunity I’ll get from my coaches," said Borghi.

An opportunity that almost didn’t happen this fall. 

Borghi said he never considered opting out of football this year, and he also never considered transferring when the Pac-12 originally announced that they would not be playing football in 2020.

"It was tough news," said Borghi reflecting on the original announcement. "It was for a lot of people, but I’m faithful to Cougar nation and everything they’ve done for me here. I wanted to stick it out here, and I plan to finish my whole career here."

The junior hopes to pile up a few Apple Cup wins during that career. 

The game has always been an important one for Max. Now, he said the staff reflects that so much so that they’ve already put some work in for it.

"Definitely with this new staff it’s been deemed upon that it’s a big game. We’ve been focusing on different looks and different coverages already preparing for that game, even though it’s in the middle of the season. The more prepared, the better you’re going to play. We’re excited for that, and it’s going to be a good opportunity whenever that day comes," said Borghi.

But first up is Oregon State on November 7. 

Max has been sitting in front of the TV for a month and a half watching other people play football. He’s ready for his time in the limelight.

"I love football so I tend to want to watch it, but I also get pissed off when I’m watching it because I know I should be out of the field. No one really loves watching football if you know you should be out there playing," said Borghi.

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