PULLMAN, Wash. — A former Washington State University football player filed a lawsuit against head football coach Mike Leach over allegations Leach was inconsistent with his enforcement of rules.

Court documents show Zaire Webb and a teammate were kicked off the football team by Leach after they were arrested for allegedly shoplifting. Later, the Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office dropped all charges due to a lack of evidence. However, reports said the two were kept off the team and stripped of their athletic scholarships.

Documents stated that Webb appealed Leach’s decision and said Leach had lied to the appeals committee.

Leach presented the committee with three rules he has for all players: no drugs, no stealing, and no assaulting women, according to court documents.

Webb said that wasn’t the case and cited multiple players who had broken those rules and had been allowed back onto the team.

One player pleaded guilty to assault and spent a month in jail, but returned to prepare for his senior year in football with WSU, said court documents. Another player had a pending case for allegedly abusing and making death threats toward his girlfriend.

Webb said his removal was a breach of contract and that he was denied his due process rights during his appeal hearing.

Leach said Webb was removed due to a breach in contract.