PULLMAN, Wash. — A group of Washington State University students wants to raise awareness about mental illness.

They've partnered with the Hilinski's Hope Foundation to launch the "#3for3 burpee challenge."

Much like the "ice bucket challenge" and ALS awareness, the goal of the burpee challenge is to bring awareness to mental illness.

The challenge launched March 3, and it's already off to a successful start. If you get challenged, you're asked to do three burpees and challenge three other people, and use the hashtag "#WeCanGetUp."

Of course, the three represents Tyler's jersey number.

His mother, Kym Hilinski, said she's surprised at how many people responded so quickly.

"It's only been a few days and I'm so grateful for the awareness that this is bringing to mental health and mental wellness," Kym said.

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Kym has said before she will continue to share Tyler's story with the hope of helping others. So when six Washington State University students asked to launch the challenge with Hilinski's Hope Foundation, she saw it as another way to do that.

"Hopefully it's letting people know it's OK to say you're not OK," Kym said.

Andrew Cooper is part of the student group that created the challenge. He said their sports management capstone project evolved into the burpee challenge to "get up for those who are down."

"The inspiration for it came from the fact that Tyler would have been in this class with us--this class of 24 people," Cooper said. "And so a lot of us knew him or at least were around people who knew him."

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While it's been successful so far, Cooper said they hope it becomes nationwide.

"Strength is asking for help, and even people who aren't struggling mental health can get up for those who are down," Cooper said.

The challenge is meant to be inclusive not leaving anyone out. So for those who may be unable to do burpees, you can still show your support by "getting up for those who are down" in any way you can.