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'Dude, it’s not that much different': Gardner Minshew lived at home during part of pandemic

Just your casual starting NFL quarterback opting to live with his parents.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Like many other young adults, Gardner Minshew opted to go home in the spring and live with his family during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

But not many young adults are starting NFL quarterbacks. 

Some people may think it would be weird to live at home for Gardner, but he disagrees.

"Dude, it’s not that much different," said Gardner with a laugh. "It was awesome. We had our whole family in town. We had the home gym up and running. My buddies would come through. Basically at any point in the day we had somebody over working at the home gym. That was so much fun for me and my dad. Just hanging out with all of our buddies lifting weights. It honestly felt like a high school summer. It was really a great experience."

This isn’t the first time Gardner has lived at home after high school, as he did so in between attending East Carolina and WSU.

"Oh man, find a hobby," said Gardner, when asked for his advice to young adults living at home. "Find something to do. Hopefully make some friends so you can have plans. Otherwise you're going to have a lot of nights watching TV and having dinner with your parents, which is good for a month or so."

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This time living at home was a little different for both Gardner and Flint, as a lot of Gardner’s friends returned to Mississippi as well. Flint may have enjoyed this spring even more than Gardner and his friends.

"I mean, obviously it was horrible the situation but having all those guys at home and seeing them all together at 23, 24 years old, it's kind of like they got a free summer," said Flint. "It was really good, and I think they all kind of appreciated each other too. I sure loved having them around because gradually, over the years, they've been gone more and more and more. Boy, we made most of it. We cooked real good, ate good, worked out. It was great having everybody at home."

And by everybody, Flint means everybody as Gardner’s sisters returned as well. There’s just something a bit different about their friends.

"His sisters don't have the friends over like Gardner does. They don't want to come work out or whatever, but the boys do," Flint said as he and Gardner laughed.

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