We are less than a week away from opening night at Avista Stadium and the fans are going to see a lot of new faces on the field, but none more notable than the change in the dugout.

After enjoying Tim Hulett in town for 10 years, the Indians will have a new manager for the second straight season as Matt Hagen was promoted to Low-A Hickory.

So, with Hagen gone, here comes Kenny Holmberg who has been a part of the Rangers organization for a little while. He's played minor league ball, coached minor league ball and his father is a manger in the Blue Jays organization. He has a lot of knowledge to bring to the table and he's excited for the upcoming season in the Lilac City.

"I think this is a level where you do a lot of learning. You fail forward," Holmberg said. "These guys are going to have an opportunity to play so getting them on the field is a cool thing."

Former Zag Royce Bolinger said, "Kenny is the man. I've known him for quite some time with the Rangers and he's energetic. He's a funny guy so I'm sure he'll give the fans a good show and he's going to have our backs 100 percent."

Fan Fest is on Wednesday at Avista Stadium. The public can meet the new Indians squad and watch a home run derby. That event begins at 5:30 p.m.