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'Elation is just all over': Indians fans thrilled to be back in the ballpark for opening day

For many fans, Tuesday was their first time attending a sporting event since the pandemic began.

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Indians lost their season opener on Tuesday 9-5, but everyone in the stands felt like winners.

"Oh my gosh, it just feels amazing. It feels like normal," said Curtis McEnaney of being able to attend his first sporting event since the pandemic began.

"I’ve got both my Covid shots so I feel like I can go out and do stuff and that feeling of freedom and elation is just all over," marveled Tom Skierkay.

America’s past time is back in Spokane and after the past year, the present feels pretty good for Indians fans.

Going to a sporting event was just built into America’s culture before the pandemic. Fans say they will count their blessings every time from here on out when they get to sit down and take in a game.

"Never ever take it for granted. I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to dress up. If I could face paint, I certainly would," said Skierkay.

"As soon as we heard there was tickets, I’m like get on there, we’re getting them," said McEnaney.

And both McEnaney an Skierkay say the plan on getting many more.

"I plan on coming to as many Indians games as I possibly can," said Skeirkay.

"We already have two more tickets. Of course, yes," said McEnanay.

The Indians home stand goes through Sunday. Here's to many more fans getting to experience Curtis and Tom's joy.