Coach Mike Leach's Monday pressers never disappoint, and today followed suit.

It’s the end of October and a team that was picked to finish fifth in their division and many didn't even have in a bowl game has suddenly become the Pac-12’s lone chance at getting into the College Football Playoffs.

Safe to say none of the analysts saw this coming for Coach Leach and company, but as he said last week this team is the most coachable team he’s had in quite some time. He went more in depth on that this afternoon.

"I think we're getting better as a team because we've got a good group that does respond to coaching and they'll make the improvements asked so then you can begin working on something else. One thing that Ken Wilson says all the time that I think is pretty good is he'll tell them something and then he'll say, 'Make me coach something else other than what I just told you, why do I keep telling you that, make me coach something else,' and they've done a good job of making us coach something else."

Obviously the biggest talk around this team is Gardner Minshew. In the Stanford post-game sideline interview Leach point blank said Minshew is the best quarterback in the nation and left it at that. He discussed that claim this afternoon.

"As far as production and performance, I think this he's the best one. I guess folks are kind of dancing around that a little bit. It doesn't really affect anything that we do. I think he needs to improve and I think he needs to improve as fast as he can, but you know all of these comparisons and stuff, he's got the best numbers so he's the best one."

I mentioned before that Wazzu is a fringe college football playoff contender. Leach is well known for his rants about the system, and said he sees no good reason as to why said system stays at four teams. He did say he has a favorite excuse as to why a larger playoff can’t happen.

"It'd be too difficult on the players because of their academics. That's the lamest reason of all. The reason why it's the lamest reason of all is because if you think about when playoffs are, a lot of it would take place when guys are out of school anyway. They put their hand over their heart and get sanctimonious and, 'We can't do this', which of course none of that's happening to begin with.

The Cougs are facing off this week against a Cal team fresh off a big win against Washington.

The person who scored the game winning touchdown? None other than Gonzaga Prep alum Evan Weaver on a pick six. When asked if the team had recruited Weaver, Coach Leach said yes and then straight up said “He told us no”. So that was certainly an interesting anecdote from today’s press conference.