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Lindsey Zimmerman, daughter of Sandy Zimmerman, set to compete on 'American Ninja Warrior Junior'

Lindsey will compete on the show on Saturday at 7 PM on Universal Kids network.

SPOKANE, Wash. — This past summer we brought you the story of Sandy Zimmerman, the first mom to ever complete the American Ninja Warrior course.

"Being the daughter of the first mom to ever complete a course is super cool," said Sandy's daughter, Lindsey. "Watching her do it has been super cool and then also getting to do it yourself has been really amazing and exciting."

On Saturday, Lindsey will compete on the American Ninja Warrior Junior on the Universal Kids network at 7 PM PT.

"It was super fun," Lindsey said of the experience that was filmed eight months ago. "It was really exciting because it’s such a big experience. They put you in a hotel with all these other ninjas and it’s just really fun."

This is the eleven-year-old's second time competing on the show, but every time she competes under the bright lights is an impactful moment for her mother.

"It was like this full circle moment," said Sandy, reflecting on the experience. "Here was something crazy I started and to see it trickle down to your kids and have them have that opportunity to get on these obstacles and in front of that crowd with the production—it’s just such a blast. You’re filled with excitement for them, you’re nervous for them, you’re proud of them."

It’s not just Lindsey and Sandy who do American Ninja Warrior competitions.

It’s the whole family.

Credit: Sandy Zimmerman

"It’s really fun to train together as a family because you all can motivate each other to get new obstacles and complete courses faster, so I think it really pushes us to be our best," said Lindsey.

"We all just genuinely love this sport, we enjoy this sport, we’re good at this sport," said Sandy with a chuckle. "We’ve learned so much from it and grown so much from it. That’s the other part. The life lessons that go into this sport, you just can’t help but come out the other side better and stronger and more courageous and more confident. I just love seeing that in my kids and having it trickle over to them. I want all of us to take those life lessons because they go from the course into real life. I want them to be an impactful person."

As for who’s the most impactful Zimmerman on a Ninja Warrior course? 

Lindsey stays mum on that one.

"Who’s the best Ninja in the family Lindsey?" asked Sandy to her daughter.

"That’s a hard one!" Lindsey replied while laughing.

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