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3 things to know about virtual Hoopfest 2020

The deadline to register is Aug. 17 before midnight to compete in this year's virtual festivities, which begin on Thursday.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Hoopfest will be virtual for the first time in the event's over 30-year history.

From Aug. 20 to Aug. 23, teams and individuals will be competing in drills and challenges trying to ascend the leaderboards. This year will be different as there are no teams, just individuals competing for the top spot in different brackets.

Here's what to know as the weekend approaches.

1. Aug. 17 is the registration deadline

Monday before midnight  is the final day to register for Hoopfest 2020.

To sign up, first register on Hoopfest's website. They will then send you a link to the HomeCourt app.

The app is only available on Apple devices in the app store.

If you only have access to an Android device, Hoopfest will work with you through email so that you can participate.

If you registered prior to Aug. 9, you will receive player's shirts prior to the event. Those who applied after that date will receive those and the championship shirts after the completion of the tasks during Hoopfest.

It's $35 for youth participants and $40 for adults.

2. Drills/challenges

Instructions for the Hoopfest drills/challenges will be announced the day they should be completed.

The app curates the challenges based on which bracket you are competing in. Difficulty will vary based on division. The app tallies the scores for each challenge. Shooting, agility and dribbling are themes for the drills.

Players within each division will place on a leaderboard based on how they do in each activity. Prizes will be given to the people that finish on top of the Hoopfest leaderboard.

3. Hoopfest will share videos of the event

While there won't be any way to watch Hoopfest live this year, organizers will be sharing video of participants. Whether it's unique or those at the top of the leaderboard, Hoopfest will be posting content across social media and their e-letter.

If you want your video shared, you can tag Hoopfest on social media and your video could be shared.

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