The Oakesdale girls track team cleaned house at the 1B State Meet this past weekend, taking first by over 30 points.

Sisters Lauryn and Bree Rawls led the way for the Nighthawks, winning three individual state titles between the two of them.

They did it in completely different events.

“We're very competitive, and I think if we were in similar events it'd get kind of messy,” said the elder sister Lauryn Rawls with a chuckle.

Lauryn won the discus event in dominating fashion, breaking the 1B meet state record.

“It was amazing. I kind of wasn't expecting it,” Lauryn said of the 129 foot, eight inch throw. “It kind of came out of nowhere, but I knew the minute I released it. I was like, ‘Oh that was a good throw.’”

“She PR'd by twelve feet I mean,” said Bree of the achievement. “It's so crazy.”

Bree swept the hurdles events titles. She's a freshman.

“It was crazy. It was so unforgettable,” said Bree of crossing the finish line in first. “I’m looking forward to next year too.”

“As a freshman, just being in that top level in the hurdles and all of her events, it's been very cool. I'm very proud of her and how far she's come,” said Lauryn of Bree.

For their mom and Oakesdale assistant track coach Betsy Rawls, Saturday went beyond even her imagination.

“I know they've worked really hard for this. I actually wasn't expecting the performances that they ran and threw today, but I'm so proud of them. So proud they stepped up and did the best thing they could for the team.”

The state record was obviously an unforgettable moment for the family.

“Beyond belief. I was shaking and crying because she's worked her tail off,” said Betsy.

Then just minutes later the family turned around and watched Bree win the 100 meter hurdles.

“She loves hurdles. She eats them up,” said Betsy. “It's what she lives and breathes right now. It's just so fun for her.”

“It helps when your legs are longer than your dad's who's four inches, five inches taller than you,”

With Lauryn being just a junior, the pair still have another year to enjoy each other’s successes.

“It has been very cool,” said Lauryn. “Not many people get to experience stuff like this with their little sister. It's just very unforgettable experience and I'm super happy I was able to experience this with her.”

Thankfully, the Rawls don't have to compete against each other. At least not yet.

“I think it's a great for them because they can just really cheer each other on and be proud of each other and supportive,” said Betsy. “We have a third daughter who's coming up too so we’re trying to get her in different events. Maybe distance!”