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Untold Stories: Bishop Sankey's unparalleled strength

Bishop Sankey's commitment to the weight room was strong, even in high school.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Bishop Sankey ran all over GSL defenders during his years in the league. His strength was pretty obvious there, but it was actually obvious in all walks of life.

"The guy carried all of his books to every single class. He never went to his locker so when you would pick up his back pack, it'd weigh like 50 pounds," recalled former teammate Nate Alford. "It'd be like, 'Oh my gosh man, how do you do this?' He'd be like, 'What?' It seemed like his whole day was a workout."

Sankey loved working out so much that his punishment from the Gonzaga Prep coaching staff if something went awry actually involved taking it away from him, instead of making him workout more.

"If he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing outside of football, say in the classroom, his punishment was that we removed the weight room from him," recalled Dave McKenna.

When asked if McKenna has ever used that punishment for any other football player who came through his program, McKenna immediately responded, "None."

His strength wasn't just in the traditional sense as well.

Yes, Bishop was a star in the GSL, but if TikTok were around now, he probably would've been a star there too.

"We used to have the lower practice field where we had these huge steps and he could step on one of those and do a backflip or walk up onto a little bit of a hill and do a backflip off the hill and it'd be like, 'Alright,'" said Alford.

"It was like he was a gymnast almost. Just on the spot, 'Do a backflip.' He'd be like, 'Okay.' It was extremely impressive," said McKenna.