MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. — 3,101.

Throughout the entire gym in Medical Lake, fans held signs with that number.

They were there to witness history.

"It was awesome. They had the little signs. I saw it before the game. It kind of got me some butterflies. I tried my best to stay manly and not get emotional," said Moffet after the game.

Ryan Moffet needed 11 points to get to 3,101 points in his career, and thus break the state scoring record on Saturday night.

He got to nine in the first quarter. After a few missed shots in the second quarter, Moffet finally got to his elusive 11th point. He couldn't help but let out a scream after breaking the record. 

There was a reason why.

"A lot of relief," said Moffet. "Me and coach texted this morning about it and we came in here just wanting to get it out of the way."

Now Moffet and his squad can finally focus on one thing: winning a state championship. As the only undefeated team this season in the 1B classification, they are the favorite going in to the state tournament in a few weeks.

"It's so nice," said Moffet about having the state scoring record over and done with. "There's nothing else to look forward to. My mind is on the arena and being there on Saturday and playing whenever we play. That's what my focus is on right now and winning that game and moving on to whoever we have next which is I think Selkirk so, on to Selkirk."

Ryan did offer a moment of reflection on his accomplishment after the game. 

He sent a message loud and clear.

"Don't let anybody tell you you can't do something, ever. Nobody knows what they're talking about. You can look at it and you can say, 'He's 1B, he's no good.' Doesn't matter. Don't listen to anybody. Everybody who thinks they know something is stupid. Who gives a crap if you're 1B, who gives a crap if you're 4A. You can be just as good as those 4A guys. I played with them. They're great at basketball. There's no reason why we can't be better than them. There's no reason why we can't be the best. Just because we come from a small town, doesn't matter."

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